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"I have been training roughly 4 years now and up until roughly November last year was training hard when I hurt my knee squatting .through what I know now to martyn and johns expertise to be training pretty dumb .i got back in to training in May 2013 when I joined the elite gym and trained easy with the guys guidance to get me back into swing of things and see how the knee was . Then I moved on to strength training were I got involved in a test program that Martyn had been working on and the strength gains I made in eight weeks was that of more than I had in 3 years by using the 80% method of training and getting my diet bang on .the results were phenomenal I upped my deadlift from 120 kg to 170kg 1 rep max and shoulder press from 40 kg to 75kg and without training chest at all benched 115kg my best by 25kg ever also the general feeling at work of being strong and not tired is great as well as I'm in a very physical job .we are currently testing out a four week isometrics program which Martyn is talking me through as he always does to try push our strength gains on .i cannot recommend these guys highly enough as there not just great at helping and pushing on your own personal training goals but I regards them as friends now also ."

-Gordon Mcfadyen

David has been training with us since early 2013. He has made great gains in strength since then. Strict muscle ups are very difficult. Many crossfit gyms have their members train the kipping muscle up...which is much easier as it uses swinging technique rather than strength. The strict Muscle up is many times harder as it can only be done with raw upper body strength with no swinging movement. Well done David. Keep up the good work! "-It's got to be said though without the encouragement, support and advice from Elite I doubt I would have managed it so quickly. For a guy who has never been on any gymnastic equipment since school it came as a bit of shock when asked to give it a go and see how you get on type thing. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and the truth is look forward to each session."

-David Davies

"The Elite is a great place to train with equipment to suit everyone's need; kettlebells, a range of dumbbells, gymnastic rings and a good variety of weight lifting tools, including strongman equipment. The knowledge I have gained from the instructors has been invaluable and have learned more in a few months with them that I had with years of training in a conventional council owned gym. The instructors aren't just knowledgable, but friendly and helpful and willing to spend time with people training. There is a great atmosphere among it an enjoyable place to train."

-Andrew Douglas

"I've been religiously going to various gyms for over 5 years now and like most have been attempting to follow my own programs (often lifted from the Internet) I always wanted more from my workouts but in truth actually had a very limited knowledge of strength training and how to get the most out of my gym time. 

Then it all changed when I stumbled across Elite. 
The gym itself is a great place to train but better than that are the people you train with. 
Martyn and I struck up a bit of a rapport and before long we got chatting about goals and ultimately what I was looking to get out of my time in the gym. Martyn offered to show me the ropes and get me started on a program he was looking at, in the first 3 weeks my strength gains went through the roof, 3 exercises I considered a weakness that I had trained for 5 years suddenly became my strengths. I am indebted to Martyn's knowledge and training."


-Stephen Landsborough


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