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The Art of Strength


Go to any big chain gym and an employee will show you how to use every piece of equipment in ten minutes flat, take your money and leave you to your own devices. The machines in these places are designed that way, easy to use, nice and safe. And inefficient at building true strength.


They are also extremely boring.


In contrast, the equipment used in traditional strength training takes time, instruction and hard practise to perfect. The training is a far more enjoyable way of expressing ones strength.


Take for example the kettlebell. Its weight increases in large increments, so technique is vital in moving up to that heavier bell, and you know you want to move up to that heavier bell…


But first you must master your breathing, teach your body how to create tension, to interlock its muscles as one. It is through traditional methods such as these , that true strength is forged.


It may be looked upon as the study of an art. 


The Art of Strength.


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